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    Student Card Tab

      I forgot all my cash on Saturday night for the move-in party and therefore couldn't have a drink. I did however have my student card on me and I think it would be good if we could scan our cards at university establishments to pay for stuff if we don't have money on us. The money could then be taken directly from our accounts to the union.
    Scott Smith
    12:36pm on 22 Sep 18 Hi Joseph, Excellent Idea! The system definitely has the capability for this, so I will alise with the team and see if this is a topic to be discussed at the forum
    Birgit Allport
    4:30pm on 11 Oct 18 a while ago, we wasn't allowed to buy alcohol with the student cards. don't know if that is still the case.
    Louise Coates
    7:30pm on 2 Nov 18 You can already add money to your UniCard, you need to get it activated at the Student Hub. Once you've done that you can add money to it and use it to buy stuff at all the on campus places, this does include buying alcohol as I have done that recently. You top up by visiting the UniCard part of the MyStaffs App
    Scott Smith
    3:40pm on 17 Dec 18 You can purchase anything with your Student Cards :)

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