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    Improving or Changing the provider for accommodation provided Laundry services

      Currently Circuit runs and provides all laundry services on campus. I've heard a lot of complaints about the quality of both the washers and the dryers and the cost of using them. The dryers do not dry clothes properly and are not properly maintained. You can clean the vents inside but because they are bolted down all the lint underneath blocks the filters and are unable to be cleaned. This wouldn't be such a problem if the dryers were actually maintained properly. This means you have to dry your clothes several times to get them fully dry at a mounting cost each time you do it. The washers have different run times for the same type of wash and because they are again not properly maintained the filters in the washers don't get cleaned which leaves clothes smelling awful even after washing a few times. Students can often not bring all their clothes from home meaning they have to constantly wash the ones they have. this means the amount spent on washing can often be extortionate and the price is far too high for the limited choice of options we have. I have contacted Circuit numerous times only to be ignored if using their web complaints form or to be confronted with rude and abrupt staff when called and 'no engineers are available'. The quality of this company is quite frankly appalling and they have no incentive to change as there is little in the way of dealing with complaints or a threat of losing the contract if they don't improve. Overall i believe a new provider should be found, one that will lower the cost and maintain the facilities properly so that they are a place students can use on a budget and have the knowledge that after using them their clothes will actually be washed and dried satisfactorily.
    Nicholas Heywood
    5:13pm on 22 Nov 18 I agree with your idea Rob, I used these services briefly last year when my washing machine was down and to be honest I think my clothes came out dirtier than when they went in! It would likely be a better solution for all if the university just ditched Circuit and had their own machines put in, I'm sure they can obtain a bulk amount for a discount somewhere, and maintenance tasks could be passed to Estates or a relevant in-house service.
    Geeta Lal
    2:45am on 5 Dec 18 I completely agree with this. The price is expensive and my clothes don't ever come out dry! So you end up paying extortionate prices to get half dry clothes! And I would add that it would be nice if the app allowed you to be able to stop your dryer so you can add anything you missed so it prevents other from just opening it whilst still giving you accessibility to your clothes. This also means you can put everything in the same dryer and take some out earlier that dry quicker.
    Lauren Emmerson
    10:02am on 10 Feb 19 I completely 100% agree with this. Both the washers and dryers do not work properly so I end up having to spend more money that is actually needed. Furthermore, coins are not accepted in this machines; meaning, I have to put a bulk of money on my account at a time

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