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    Board Games in Venues for Daytimes

      Introduce a small choice selection of board/card games such as Scrabble etc. in venues for expanded daytime recreation for all students and their families via a reservation system. Example: exchange a student card for a board game at a bar, return the game and collect the card. A simple and effective way to provide a more social and fun atmosphere for local students, commuters, parents and their families who have a bit of spare time on their hands whilst also boosting the time customers spend in venues, supporting custom. In addition, anyone should be able to donate games to the Union for distribution to Verve/Ember Lounge.
    Scott Smith
    2:45pm on 4 Apr 19 I have been saying this for so long! Now someone else agrees with me, I will ask the student population to see if this is a shared opinion!
    Natalie Campbell
    6:41pm on 4 Apr 19 What kind of games are you thinking?
    Megan Shepherd
    6:57pm on 4 Apr 19 I think this is a brilliant idea!
    Megan Shepherd
    6:58pm on 4 Apr 19 I think this is a brilliant idea!
    Megan Shepherd
    6:58pm on 4 Apr 19 I think this is a brilliant idea!
    Joshua Griffin
    8:06pm on 4 Apr 19 I'd love to see students able to donate old board games or card games to the Union for repurposing. Nat, it would include games that are flexible and feasible for all students, with quick rotations such as Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity, Dominos, playing cards, Chess, Draughts etc. The idea is to add to the experiences our students have in our venues with their families and friends and not cause an inconvenience for them or any staff/departments!

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