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Steph Cairncross
11:59am on 3 Oct 19 There is NO excuse for this - Divest now!!!! If our University truly respected and listened to us students, this would NOT be happening. Look at all these other unis that have committed: . How can anyone be #ProudToBeStaffs when the University (not Union!) is financially supporting Climate Change?
Henry Howieson
1:54pm on 3 Oct 19 The University should BACK the Union and the student's efforts to fight climate change. We can't outrun the shadow of £2 MILLION investments in fossil fuels and makes it very difficult to be #ProudToBeStaffs. Divest Now!
Callum Young
2:08pm on 3 Oct 19 The university can't expect us as students to be #proudtobestaffs when they actively do things we can not be proud of.
Connor Brady
3:53pm on 3 Oct 19 If the University wants to actually represent it's student then it has to divest from Fossil Fuels. With this current policy #proudtobestaffs is just branding as no student can be proud of a University which supports the climate change that will destroy our planet
Jamie Nicholas Hosking
4:26pm on 3 Oct 19 There is zero reason to invest in fossil fuels in this critical era for climate change.
Anna Covell
7:05pm on 3 Oct 19 The university cannot expect us to be #proudtobestaffs whilst they're actively supporting climate change, it's 2019 and we all know better, back the union and divest!
Mark Warren
6:22pm on 5 Oct 19 Quite frankly I'm amazed Staffs hasn't already done so, Student shop did the green bag initiative last year - surely investing in fossil fuel energy is going to undo all that hard effort. Plus with so much money a long term investment in Eco Friendly solutions would be a benefit to the university both Economically and Environmentally.
Cassie Kelly
7:26pm on 8 Oct 19 I totally agree! Staffs needs to deinvest now! There are way better things staffs can invest their money in to help save our earth - and invest into other stuff at the university. I am #proudtobestaffs student but I'd be a #proudertobesatffs student if they deinvested their money in fossil fuels! Pave the way to a better future and show other univeristies across the UK that they can do better and be better! Come on staffs do something!

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