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    Vending Machines need sorting out.

      In the 2017/18 academic year, a 600ml bottle of Tango from the vending machines on Campus would cost you £1.20. It now costs £1.80. In that same year, a can of Diet Coke would cost someone 85 pence. They would now be charged £1.30. I've chosen these two examples deliberately as neither of them required a price increase due to the sugar tax. If these prices went up in line with inflation, then the once £1.20 bottle of Tango would now cost £1.25. The can would now cost 89 pence. There is no legitimate excuse for these prices to have increased so much, and the only reason I can find is that the company that has been contracted to do it is trying to rinse students for as much as they can. This gets posted every year, I know, but it's beyond a joke now. The university needs to either encourage the company to lower its prices, or just end the contract and have the machines removed from Campus.
    Andy Cronin
    12:16pm on 26 Oct 19 Seconded!

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