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    Allow students the usage of the Adobe suite at home

      I recently set up a petition for the University to allow students access to the Adobe suite for usage at home. I feel like this will be a tremendous help for students such as myself that commute and cannon simply commute to the college multiple times a day to use software. Having the access to the Adobe suite which I might add is inherently baked into the majority of creative courses will allow students to work on their coursework wherever they like 24/7. Link to peition:
    Catherine Sheen
    4:50pm on 13 Oct 19 This is SOOO important. I actually just logged in to make a post about Adobe myself. Nothing more frustrating when you cant access basic software at home, specially when it makes work much more frustrating. Even basic Pdf editing and functionality is denied when at home but as a student the money simply isnt there to pay £100+ to use Adobe Acrobat DC/PDF pro pack. As a commuter student I cant commute in and also due to having a home PC set up to alleviate the impact of my disabilities as much as possible its completely counter productive to come in and struggle on university computers and in turn wastes time that could be spent on productive working.

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