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Hi all,

I’m Hayden and I am one of your vice-presidents for the 21/22 academic year.

I studied Cybersecurity at Staffs Uni and am one of the members of the Universities very own American Football team, feel free to come down and say hi!

Few interests/ hobbies I like: PC games, anime, gym, sports, and nice long walks on the beach :)

I’m really excited to work with this year’s team to aim to achieve what we want in our team manifesto and see the future of our next academic year as a community.

Pronouns: He / Him / His

My Manifesto

Physical & Mental Health

I think Mental health is an ever-ongoing battle everyone faces including myself and recently I've had to battle with my physical health too. My go to solution for mental health has been exercise. I believe it is a great activity that a lot of people forget about and do not treat it the way it deserves to be. I have primarily spent my life staring at screens and interacting with electronics. This year those numbers vastly increased due to Covid. In all honesty, spending a bit of time working out at home and just going for walks have kept me going.


In response to both physical and mental health, I personally want to push on the opportunities for all students to get better access to the on-campus gym. Push for 24/7 student accessibilities of wellbeing services efficiently and being able to get those services to who needs it.

  • Exercise and fitness are one of the key solutions for mental health and provide several benefits like relieving stress. I believe to push for 24/7 access to gyms which will allow students to help fight back against mental health as well as general fitness for all

  • Most students use Pure Gym due to the 24/7 aspect, but it is safer for our students to use our own onsite gyms rather than those away. This can also help students who cannot sleep/struggle at night times and hopefully give them some relief

  • I want to work towards better 24/7 student access for wellbeing services and make the process for students to get help more efficient.

  • In the future I will look into putting in place funding in the Wellbeing services for those students who might need the extra help. This could include campus gym access or sports team memberships

  • I want to get more advertising for societies. This year a lot of memberships suffered due to Covid. I want to bring that back up and allow students to broaden their relations with each other

  • Work on the implementation of a new committee position into sports teams – ‘Wellbeing Officer’ to help all members and have someone they can contact if they need it to signpost

  • Potential partnership with other GP's such as the Shelton Primary Care. Push for more access to doctors and higher availability. 

Representation & Value for Money

As a student at Staffs, I have been well included to all the events I have attended and met a lot of people. Each year here, I have seen good representation for all and I want to strive to keep it at that and make it better so all students can have the experience they want when they come to our University.


With the past year, I think I can speak for all, that it was not worth the £9,250 we paid for University, therefore I want to work on ensuring that this coming academic year is worth it. I will show you the things you are paying for and get to make the most out of.


I want to work and potentially get interactions with parties outside of University that could affect the price we paid for the last academic year. I personally don’t believe it was worth the same price as a “normal” academic learning year.


As this is a large and important category, I have broken it down into four key areas; Inclusion, Housing, Access and Sports Teams.


I want to work on the university in progression of this next academic year for all students. Making events such as welcome week better for those coming to our University and those who missed out the past year due to Covid. I want to ensure inclusion for all students and include options for those who don’t live on campus.

  • We need a bigger, better, and more inclusive welcome week.

  • I myself have struggled with mobility issues and have found areas around campus difficult to gain access too, therefore I want to push for these to change

  • Commuting students should have access to rent a room to stay on campus when they have important sessions/exams to attend

  • Continue to push inclusion for all students. The union has been doing a good job pushing these issues, so we need to continue to support our LGBTQ+, disabled students and all other demographics through new officer teams here at Staffs


In my first year, I lived in Leek Road Halls, Royal Doulton Blue Flat 3 and surpirsingly I enjoyed it! I believe it was one of the better furnished halls, however, they all can be vastly improved! Especially the majority of who will live in them are first years, so it should be refurbished for the first-year experience and the price they pay for.


Not everyone will go to University straight away, so providing the option for new students that are over a certain age to opt for flats for mature students to feel more comfortable.


  • Refurbishment for Leek road halls and Clarice Cliff to enable students to have a better experience to university.

  • Having a mature student flat with other students over a certain age range would be beneficial for helping certain demographics of students feel more comfortable in their first year at university.


With Covid’s appearance, it had become apparent that student accessibility for their needs towards their course such as access to specific equipment and areas. I have hopes to push longer access to the post-covid campus and allow students to access what they need for the price they pay.


As a student in my final year around this time, exam period is close, and the access of the library is key for many others, but a regular break is also needed. I want to introduce break zones/rooms within the library to de-stress. Open a canteen area with microwaves and kettles for hot drinks and quick foods to eat without having to leave all the way back home.

  • I want to create access to a break zone for those students using the library who are not within a close distance. Working towards things like kitchen facilities and resting zones for students to de-stress, especially near exam and hand-in periods.

  • We have free outdoor space around the campus, so why don't we use it such as adding more picnic benches and outdoor areas for students to use while they are on campus


While at Staffs, I am a member of the Staffordshire Stallions American Football Team who kindly took me in and treated me like family. We Stallions members get gym membership discounts with the campus gym, so why other sports teams aren’t offered the same?


Did you as a first-year student know what is included in your 9k you pay a year? Thanks to previous officers, we have guides that provide information on what you have access to, however, we do not have anything like that in regard to the sports side when you pay for a membership. I want to help make that clearer for students and encourage them to join different teams.

  • With feedback from sports teams, we need better transport organisation and more clarity.

  • We need more information on where our money with sports teams goes – such as things like our insurance and how does it work?

  • There should be more gym discounts when you are part of a sports team.

  • Sports hall times are always filled, we need more equipment and areas for teams to play outside or more access to social sports during key times like summer

  • Ensure you as students have clearer communications with lecturers and have the right access to what you need when you are stuck

Safety & Opportunities

#NoExcuse in Staffs, I believe the Union take pride and are proud to be Staffs. We have had excellent campaigns such as the #NoExcuse, but I think we can make it better! By picking up what was left and halted due to Covid, I want to create a better campus for the future of all students at Staffs. I want to encourage and create behaviour change, as at the end of the day, you are in control of your actions, whether that be treating another positively, to standing by when someone is attacked.


We are #ProudToBeStaffs, and I want to continue that for those who really want to get the most experience out of their courses, including features like cross-dynamics between courses. It could improve the experience to simulate real life workflow. Give students a better understanding of how the work-life can be postgraduation and give them that much more experience when they get there.


We are one of the best Union’s across the country and want to make sure we can continue the great job. I want to make sure all students can have the opportunities for wider undergraduate placement and postgraduate schemes to help getting out there and making use of your degree!

  • Self-defence classes for all.

  • Improvement of current system like Ask Angela and Union Angels.

  • More use of current Apps in place like the HollyGuard App.

  • There is an app called “What 3 Words” that helps students when they might not have access to other support when alone.

  • Clearer communications with head of courses to mention safety systems in place for freshers at the start of the academic year.

  • Access to emergency alarms/whistles for induction days for students.

  • Help support the new Safe zone application that is being implemented in April 2021. Making sure students know how it works, and how to feel comfortable with our security team.

  • Push for wider job opportunities for our students for placement and postgraduation.

  • Cross dynamics between courses such as accounting and business management to simulate the real-life working environment.

  • More refereeing and coaching opportunities within sports groups.

  • More accessibility for all students to participate in extra training certificates, such as: First aid, fire training, Microsoft courses, Cybersecurity etc. If you are paying £9,250 to be at University, why shouldn’t there be extra certificates for you to aim for and get while you’re here to get yourself ahead. It is all about self-improvement and making yourself better for your future.



The best way for this is for everyone to do their part. From my first year here in 2018, there have been no recycling bins for halls. The number of recyclables that went into the waste bins were tremendous. Simply adding these can help a lot for our future and becoming more sustainable as a University.

  • Implementation of recycling bins for student halls.

  • More litterbin and recycling around campus to reduce littering as the simple fact that if there isn’t one. The next solution for people is to litter it.

  • Donation of excess jars to the union for other students to use at the student store next to ember lounge on campus. Encourage the less waste packaging we produce.


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