Len Stuart

My Course

BSc Business Management

Why I Ran for Officer

I ran to see significant change that is sustained even after I have left office!

My Leadership Race Campaign

Click here to view the manifesto I campaigned with in the 23/24 Leadership Race. I then worked with the rest of the team to break it down into the projects on this page.

Favourite Memory at Staffs

Seeing students mobilise and demonstrate against an unnamed political party at Pride.

Go-to Ember Lounge Order

The Emburger is the GOAT! From Squeeze Box, though, it would be a Banoffee milkshake (banana milkshake + caramel syrup).

Guilty Pleasure

I have no guilty pleasures. I am purely business, no party in the back...

Advice to First Years

Get involved with student groups. You will hear this a lot from everyone, and it's because it's true!

Len Stuart

Vice President | he/him

An Update from Me...

29/04 - Last week, I had a number of meetings, from VC Connects, where the vice chancellor updated staff on the future of the university, to Student Success Strategy, which is an ongoing series of workshops looking at how the university will adapt to the ever-changing political landscape in the UK. Click here for previous updates.

My Manifesto

Leadership Academy

A new and innovative program that offers students free short courses to improve your employability and leadership skills.


The echoes of colonialism are embedded in almost every aspect of modern society. I am taking part in extensive Access and Participation work at the University to look at issues we face as an institution!


This project aims to empower you, as students, to become agents of change by providing training, key skills development, campaign toolkits, and connections to existing campaigns.

Greater Than a Day

I will build an equality, diversity and inclusion calendar that aims to represent all communities in and around the University. This calendar, alongside the Union's continued commitment to inclusion, will promote equity and diversity by fostering understanding and unity within our community.


This fund will be created to promote personal development, community engagement, and job opportunities for you, as students, while also revitalising local communities and their relationship with Staffs students.

Student Engagement Deal

This deal aims to reduce financial barriers students face at University. Across campuses, we are working to identify what is in place and what can be created or changed to foster inclusivity and promote student well-being, leading to a more diverse and enriched campus community.