Olayemi Ajiteru

My Course

MSc Cyber Security

Why I Ran for Officer

I ran to represent the interests of all students and to be their voice!

My Leadership Race Campaign

Click here to view the manifesto I campaigned with in the 23/24 Leadership Race. I then worked with the rest of the team to break it down into the projects on this page.

Favourite Memory at Staffs

Campaigning during the Leadership Race!

Guilty Confession

No guilty pleasure here - trust me!

Advice to First Years

Get involved with as many extracurricular activities as possible.

Olayemi Ajiteru

President | he/him

An Update from Me...

13/05 - Last week, I was at the Board of Governors Nominations & Governance Committee meeting; I was also a part of the Digital Transformation Board meeting, where we had conversations about various digital projects to improve the Student Experience. Click here for previous updates.

My Manifesto

Engaging International Students Through Events

I plan to introduce a program of events to help provide a stronger sense of community for international students and keep them engaged with student life at Staffs.

Being Close to You, As Students

I aim to create a stronger bond between students and the Students' Union to strengthen the Staffs community.

Feedback Captured and Actioned

When feedback is collected from students, I hope to improve this process and ensure it is acted upon efficiently and successfully.

Clear Course Expectations Set and Met

Students should be provided with a clear outline of what to expect from their courses. These expectations should be accurately met.

Delivering High-Quality Academic Programmes

Overall, we should strive to deliver the highest quality courses we can. I plan to monitor this and help to make improvements where needed.

Community Engagement as a Civic University

I hope to help Staffs become more involved in the local community and engage students more with opportunities and businesses off-campus.