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In order to live in a harmonious, natural world we must protect it from damage and destruction.

Here at Staffs, environmental sustainability is a huge priority of ours and we urge you to consider being sustainable wherever you can.

Being sustainable doesn’t just benefit the planet but it can also benefit your health. Like choosing the stairs over the lift doesn’t just reduce the energy consumption, but also tones the back of your legs. Or portioning out the weeks meals from one cook not only saves you money from otherwise buying takeaways, but it also reduces the waste from the packaging used. Or even taking a slightly shorter shower in the morning will reduce the water consumption from your house, and you could be a few minutes early to your lecture! The benefits are endless.

If this is a passion of yours like mine, or you just want to get outside and meet new people you can get involved in lots of activities throughout the year. Check out our sustainability webpage for ways you can help the environment as well as regular updates on activities and events . You can also join our Facebook page for discussions and updates and we even have a sustainability society that you can join. And I’m always up for a chat if you see me.

Sam Pillow

Vice President