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What has your Students' Union helped you change recently? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Your Officer team, Academic Reps and all the Union staff are constantly working hard behind the scenes, ensuring your academic interests, ambitions or concerns reach the places where change can be made. With us, no student voice goes unheard.

Here’s your update to find out exactly what's been achieved to improve your academic and personal experience here at Staffs.

Wins so far this academic year

Working alongside the Sports Centre for the creation of a 'Sports Executive'.

Tash Crump is working with the Sports Centre to create a 'Sports Executive', which will be made up of students from both Union Run and Sports Centre Run Clubs.

This will ensure everything runs smoothly in the new year, and provides deeper planning for varsity.

Working alongside Careers Advice towards the creation of a Employability module.

Some courses, like Journalism, already have career development or empolyabiltiy modules in place.

This will ensure that all students have the correct development towards their future careers.

Ground work in place for a 'creative space'.

International Students in the past have voiced that they would like an appropriate area to practice or play their instruments on campus.

The Union is working with the University to ensure this is done before International Student Induction.

University agree to revisit the Fitness to Practice appeals procedure.

The University have agreed with the Officer Team to revisit the Fitness to Practice appeals procedure.

This will ensure it is brought in line with other appeals processes and make it fairer for students.

Promoting financial transparency.

Vice-President Sam Pillow intends to meet with University core staff to work on promoting financial transparency.

This will show students where their fees are being spent.

Wins for July

Changes to Sports at Staffs

After one of the most successful years ever for Sports at Staffs, the Students' Union and University are proud to announce that over £300,000 in resources, facilities and equipment is being invested into BUCS competative sport.

Sports Centre to pay for coaching qualifications

If the Sports Centre cannot find a qualified coach for your team, they will fund one person from the team to train for the qualification.

Stoke-on-Trent By-Election

In cooperation with Keele and the local council, the Union are striving to make sure as many students register to vote in the Stoke-on-Trent By-Election, before the deadline on February 7th. This is critical as whoever wins the seat of Stoke-on-Trent Central will have some say on the development of the university.

David Bowie Exhibition

With the help of Big Lottery Funding, the Union supported the development of a David Bowie Art Exhibition to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Wins for June

Student Voice in technical review for Film students

There is an undergoing review of support available in the Film. Lead staff want to hear about the student voice and how they [students] feel the service needs improving. .

Kathryn Pogue, School led Rep hopes to set up weekly meetings with staff members conducting the review and plans to talk to students about what they would want changing to put into the review.

If all goes to plan, there will be a better support network of technical staff so that more can be achieved with the resource available.