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Hello… and welcome to your Students’ Union!

Our purpose is to represent your academic interests and provide opportunities for you to shape your University experience...but we can’t do that without you.
We're your Elected Officers. We're students, just like you and were voted to lead the Union! We take our direction from all students at Staffordshire University and would love to hear from you...but how?!
Well...we're always out speaking to students and whether your in a club or society, volunteering or working for us you can shape our Game Changers simply by telling us what you think at #BetterStaffs forum.
We hope our Welcome pages will inspire you to get involved, but there's so much more on our website, so look around and if you need anything get in touch or even come see us and say hi!
Enjoy your time at Staffs, we can’t wait to meet you!

Much Love,
Staffs Union Officer Team 2018/19


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