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Social Tennis (Social Sports Programme)
19th December
Florence TC
Play Social Tennis every Wednesday!
Social Swim (Social Sports Programme)
19th December
Fenton Manor
Social Swimming on Wednesday!
Fencing (Social Sports Programme)
19th December
First 4 weeks are FREE!
8th January
Ember Lounge
Ember Lounge Karaoke Night w/ DJ Sherz


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    Dual Screen's in Mellor 409 and 411 Labs.

      At present, the labs only have single screens and a lot of the time it is necessary to have multiple documents/windows open at once - for example a lab manual and virtual machine. Dual screens would be more much useful for productivity and comfort as we would be able view more than one document/window at any one time without having to keep flicking between different windows every five seconds! Elsewhere in the university rooms exist with dual-screen computers and the benefit of a second screen is definitely noticeable and appreciated! For those of us who use the labs on a regular basis, a second screen would make life and learning an awful lot easier!!!
    David Smith
    6:22pm on 27 Nov 18 This would make life so much easier. Juggling a VM instance, lab manuals and Chrome windows all on one screen is a nightmare!
    Marc Filson
    5:47pm on 10 Dec 18 Totally agree, sometimes when I want to do extra work, I have to use two computers just to do certain tasks.