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1st November - 1st December
Let's change the game of Men's Health here at Staffs
Speak Week
18th-25th November
What would you do if you ran the University?
NEW Cocktail Fridays
22nd November
Ember Lounge
NEW for 2019/2020 - a pitcher of your favourite Ember Lounge cocktail for just £10, every Friday evening from 7pm!
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament
23rd November
The Video Games Union hosts a Smash Ultimate tournament on campus!


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    Hip Hop/R&B/Grime night @ The LRV

      There seems to be no actual R&B nights anywhere in Stoke, the only chance I get to listen to any form of R&B/Hip Hop/Grime is in Verve. But due to the venue not really accommodating for a dance floor it's hard to enjoy. An R&B themed night at the LRV would be ideal for people like myself to enjoy music and meet new people with similar interests. An R&B night could be held on a Friday night and this could be alternated with Flashback Friday so that one week is the new R&B theme and the next is Flashback Friday, and so on. If this doesn't suit the venue then it could be hosted on a different weekday. If this idea was to be implemented then it would bring a wider audience to the LRV
    Andrew Bingham
    8:41pm on 5 Nov 19 I agree I used to enjoy going to the event called Refresh in my first year as it accommodated a grime themed night of the week.
    Ulysses Jones
    2:45pm Hi there Jack, we're constantly looking at more nights that would entertain our students. This has been brought up with your Full-Time Officer Team to consider with the Venue Management gong forward!