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    I think it's time to sort out Flashback Friday

      Some backstory; I went to the 2000s Flashback last week, which is a weird theme as flashback is usually 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s, (hence; flashback). So to remove anything before 2000 and charge for it seemed odd, but I was interested in coming anyway. When I did arrive, 60-70 percent of the music was 70s, 80s and 90s anyway, there was about 4 songs from before 2010 at the start but from there on out it was the exact same playlist Flashback always play. I'm going to voice what are in my opinion the problems with Flashback Friday; 1) The playlists. Let's face it, they're playlists, not DJs, every Flashback has exactly the same set of songs in different orders. I know people who ask for a different song every week and never have their requests played. One person in particular asked for an ABBA song, to which the DJ replied telling her they only had Dancing Queen, and they didn't even play it. It's tiresome having the same songs played every week. There's always a cluster of Panic! at the disco, Fall out Boy, Paramore and My Chemical Romance in a row before the music goes back to pop again. 2) Nothing really happens. Aside from the music, there's very little going on at Flashback, the themes are usually pretty dull, the music is always the same playlist, the only thing drawing in most people is £1 for a Smirnoff and mixer and the occasional screenshot to get in. All of the attention and interesting ideas go to Gobble, which for those of us at work or uni Thursday mornings isn't an option. Treat Flashback like a gobble, combined with the deals on drinks and it has the potential to be packed. 3) The bar. For starters, half of the bar doesn't take card, conveniently this is after Verve is shut and the only card machine in the building becomes inaccessible (see next point). Most nights half of the bar is shut at 1AM just as waiting times start becoming tolerable, leaving the majority of people crowding around half of the bar, resulting in longer waiting times which wouldn't happen if the bar was all open. 4) No escape? You're not allowed to come out once you're in, which doesn't make any sense. Even at an event as lower-key as karaoke, you're marked and can come and go as you please. I can understand the logic on a free night, but if you're paying for a night you can usually get into for free, not being allowed to come back after leaving doesn't make much sense at all. 5) The Graphics. Everyone who's taken 2 seconds to have a gander at flashbacks visuals will probably tell you the same thing. They're cheesy, boring and just plain cringe. There's no ironic or endearing quality about them, they're just gifs stacked back to back of people in B-list 80s movies dancing or various people getting slapped with spaghetti. We have an ENORMOUS Media department at the uni who could be given a very much needed part time job building Flashback a real backdrop visual, which doesn't look make flashback look like a glorified school disco. Don't get me wrong, I love Flashback, but there's too much potential being wasted. Flashback has the potential to be as big as gobble, if not bigger with its cheap drinks, but every week people come expecting something different, they're surrounded by the same playlist, themes that have minimal affect on the night itself and just plain disappointment.
    Sab Jones
    2:13pm on 5 Feb 20 Hi Jay - thanks for submitting your idea! We'll be taking this with us to the next Better Staffs a week today (12th of February)
    Phoebe Walker-Gubbins
    5:37pm on 3 Apr 20 100%! I’ve seen flashback continue on like this for two years now and it’s not fair. Scott helped put loads of ideas forward last year and nothing got done. If fridays events during the next academic uni year in September starts off the same then it’ll be the same thing happening that year too, a massive hit and miss that results in as little as 20-30 people being left at the end of the night and the company running it losing even more money. It’s been two years now, it’s time for change. So many students have ideas and are willing to fundraise and put in the work to see fridays be even better than wednesdays but no one is being heard. Fridays have so much potential because it’s ultimately the weekend and people can stay out, but when it’s flashback, people would rather stay in because they can’t be bothered, if if they can afford it, they go to Hanley. Keele uni also is so much more packed simply because they have better music and put more effort into the venue. “Flashback” Fridays can’t be allowed to go on for a third year. It’s a massive flop. But if the Friday in general is engineered and changed, it could be soooo much more!