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17th March - 1st July
COVID-19 - 8 Ball Pool Leauge
23rd March - 13th April
Stay at home
COVID-19 should not stand in the way of you enjoying your self . Thats Why we have created a club on Miniclips 8 ball pool . All you have to do is Join the Staffs Cue Sports club on the app and enjoy your self .
Digital Gobble
8th April
Watch live at www.twitch.tv/soundbydom and enjoy all your favourite cheesy tracks from home.
Origami at Home
9th April
Staffs Uni Covid Community


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    Automatic doors For people who are in Wheelchairs or have mobility difficulties

      Can we please get some automatic doors in the building on university campus For student and staff who have Accessible Difficulties. To help make it less of a struggle and difficulty to open doors. So on Leek Road Campus the Business Building in the Entrance. For the College Road Campus the Henrion Gallery Entrance, the entrance to the student union (above ember lounge). Also, The speed bumps next to ember lounge need to be moved or make a gap on the side so students who are in wheelchair can go around and not go over the speed bumps.
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