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    Guaranteed/Better distribution of shifts for Union shop/venue workers.

      As a student working for one of the Union shops/venues, I've heard a lot of complaints about shifts and lack of them. I've heard people say they have 14 shifts, 10 shifts, whilst others are lucky to have one a week, myself included. Even though you can ask for some set shifts, it still isn't enough. I'm aware that we are on a 0-hour contract, however, it needs to end, because lot's of people depend on the job due to its flexibility with their courses, and for those who's lectures do not understand that some of their students won't be able to turn up without a job and some kind of cash flow. I'd like for everyone to have some kind of security with their shifts, for them not to worry about constantly checking Savvy for extra cover shifts which get mopped up like no one's business. I don't want people to be told to find another job because this one can't get them enough money, which it should, as it's a job. I'd like to recommend that they ease the number of people they hire next time and focus on making it even and fair for us to get shifts. For me, personally, all my given shifts dried up just after the middle of the semester, I was given eleven shifts first semester, out of 13 weeks and 13 in the time I had the second semester, which is better, but I never really saw too much go into my account, £20 here, £50 there, the most I made on one payslip was only £150-ish, unlike others who were seeing upwards of £150+ rather frequently... It's rough, but my course is strict, and I can't get a normal job, as I'd keep having to say I can't turn up, whereas the Union are more flexible, and I know others who are in the same boat. However, they don't allow us enough shifts, and my responses to this were to either find another job or ask your managers, to which they can barely do anything themselves... But they do try their best. I hope something can be done, and this can be rearranged hopefully by the next academic year.
    Sab Jones
    2:49pm on 24 Apr 20 Hi Daniel, thanks very much for your submission on this. I know there have been further discussions regarding student staff pay, as well as potential furloughing. As for this issue specifically - I would definitely raise it with your Student Staff Consultative Rep for Staff Consultative Forum or directly to as it is an issue relating to employment rather than something that can be addressed via Better Staffs Forum