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Who are SUR? | Interview
#WeAreSUR on green corner with photo of formula student racing car and driver

Did you know your University is full of Formula (student) racing drivers?! We speak to the Staffs UnMore

2020 Learning and Teaching Commitments - are they right for you?

We want to hear what you think about the University commitments for students in 2020/21!More

I'm a Masters student/student doing resits and I need the library!
Library photo

Sound like you? We've got an update on library provisions right here to help you out.More

A newbie on the block...
Image of Vice President Carter Fitzpatrick against a Union Green background

Who is this person running around shouting about they/them pronouns and making big deals out of littMore


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    Doctors Appointments

      I find it extremely difficult to get a doctors appointment as every time i am redirected to harley street medical centre. I think if you directed students to multiple doctors around stoke-on-trent it would stop the rush and unavailability of appointments. I would inquire with other doctors surgeries especially those that offer online appointments through an app as i feel thats more accessible to students to book them. Especially regarding mental health. thanks, annie
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