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Jobhunt Bootcamp
13th April 10am - 5pm
Recovery Workshop - Changes 12 steps to recovery
13th April 1:30pm - 3pm
Changes Recovery Workshop - Changes 12 steps to recovery Sessions to promote a better understanding of recovery and learn how to apply Changes 12 steps to manage various types of mental distress Course starts today and runs for 6 weeks
Myth Society Drop-in Dungeons & Dragons
13th April 6pm - 10pm
Online - Discord server
Wellbeing Workshop
13th April 6:30pm - 8pm
Changes Wellbeing Workshop Sessions to teach self-management techniques for stress, anxiety and depression. Explore the thought cycle and dealing with difficult emotions Course starts today and runs for 6 weeks


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    Contract Transparency

      There are a lot of issues at Staffs that, at least somewhere along the line, stem from or are exacerbated by the university not being open about contracts. A few examples: - Campus vending machines, as per last year's Better Staffs - Campus washing machines, as per last year's Better Staffs - Staff telling students they must use OneDrive and other Microsoft software because the Google Suite is "not GDPR-compliant" or insecure, which students do not believe - they know there's a contract with Microsoft, but the terms not being public makes this instruction seem highly suspicious. If students are to be expected to abide by the terms of a contract with a third-party company like Circuit or Microsoft, the university ought to at least be up-front about it. Where possible, Staffs Uni should be open and transparent about contracts with third-parties - at the very least the terms they expect students to abide by.
    Connor Bayliss
    1:13pm on 22 Mar 21 Hi Anthony – Thanks for putting this through Better Staffs. We’ve been lobbying the University for transparency for a number of years. Recently a huge win came out in terms of the circuit campaign with the university confirming that they will not be renewing their contract with them from August. Hopefully this will provide a lot more stability with washing services for our students in university accommodation. #BreakTheCircuit With the conversations from better Staffs, we all agreed that the university needs to focus on its communication with students, (contracts among other issues) - and what officers could do to better this going forward. Aiming to get clarity from the university on what access students have, and what obligations the third parties have when working with the university. Alongside this the Union continues to push our involvement in these deals, to ensure that students are not disadvantaged. Kind regards, Connor President of Staffordshire University students’ Union