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Staffs Landmark Challenge
18th January - 28th February
From 18th January to 28th February we are inviting you to take part in our Landmark Challenge. Together as a University, we hope to raise awareness of mental health problems and the issues we are currently facing during this difficult time.
Student Services Fair
20th January
Find out what they do and how you can access their help and support
Welcome talk from your Students' Union (Stoke students)
20th January
Say Hello to your Students' Union, we can’t wait to meet you!


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ResLife students can apply for a six-week reduction in their accommodation feesMore

Resource: Covid-19 Exceptional Circumstances Guidance

You are not alone, so please reach out if you need support on Exceptional CircumstancesMore

Changes to Exceptional Circumstances

To ensure students are not disadvantaged, the barriers to applying for ECs have been reducedMore


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    Contract Transparency

      There are a lot of issues at Staffs that, at least somewhere along the line, stem from or are exacerbated by the university not being open about contracts. A few examples: - Campus vending machines, as per last year's Better Staffs - Campus washing machines, as per last year's Better Staffs - Staff telling students they must use OneDrive and other Microsoft software because the Google Suite is "not GDPR-compliant" or insecure, which students do not believe - they know there's a contract with Microsoft, but the terms not being public makes this instruction seem highly suspicious. If students are to be expected to abide by the terms of a contract with a third-party company like Circuit or Microsoft, the university ought to at least be up-front about it. Where possible, Staffs Uni should be open and transparent about contracts with third-parties - at the very least the terms they expect students to abide by.
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