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Changes Living Life to the Full Workshop
15th February 10:30am - 8th March noon
Zoom meeting
This 4 week workshop will help you to understand why you are feeling low, stressed or worried and teach you how to manage these feelings to get the most out of life
Book Your COVID-19 Test at LRV
8th March 9:30am - 3pm
Get Tested for COVID-19 Now! It's better to be safe in this climate, so get booked in ASAP.
Stress and Anxiety Management - Adult & Community Learning
8th March 1pm - 3pm
Zoom meeting
This programme is designed to enable adults to explore concepts of surrounding mental wellbeing and mental distress. Specifically you will learn to manage your stress and anxiety to improve your general wellbeing. Course runs for 4 weeks
International Women’s Day lecture
8th March 6pm - midnight
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    Mandated breaks during lectures.

      During the academic year 2019/20 it was commonplace that for lectures lasting more than one hour to usually include a 5-10 minute break in the middle, or for some lecturers to finish lectures 10 minutes early. This gave students ample time to either stretch their legs, use the bathroom or travel across campus for their next timetabled session. Currently students are having multiple hour lectures with no breaks, and the risk of getting called on to answer questions or present making toilet breaks or grabbing something to eat not an option. The Union should lobby the university to ensure that this previously used practice becomes part of the universities standard practices and regulations so that all students are able to achieve their best despite the trying times and is explained to students and lecturers so they understand the need for breaks during study. Continuing with the current model of online learning without allowing any time for breaks is detrimental to all students mental health, with many students ending up stuck in front of a screen for hours on end jumping from call to call.
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