What We Do | Student Led Events

The Students' Union Marketing Team (unionmarketing@staffs.ac.uk) offer a range of social media and internal support for any Student Led Events you are organising and hosting across campus.
  • Host event on the Union website What's on page
>Tickets can be sold through this – speak to the Venues or Student Engagement staff about setting this up.
>Different ticket prices can be set (e.g. Student vs. public price)
>You can access money through Union’s Finance Office – you know that it’s safe.
  • Share on our relevant Facebook accounts:
>Co-host an event on Facebook (simply add the Students’ Union and any relevant venue account as a co-host). This make it easier for us to share.
>Provide us with written content + image/video/GIF + URL to find more information about your event.
>Include any relevant pages/people to tag.
  • Share on our relevant Twitter accounts (@staffsunion + relevant venues):
>Provide us with 280 characters worth of content + image/video/GIF + URL to find more information about your event.
>Include any relevant account handles and hashtags.
  • Share on our Instagram account story:
>Image/video dimensions need to be 1080px (width) x 1920px (height).
>Include any relevant account handles and hashtags.
  • Digital screens:
>Provide us with an image 1920px (width) x 1080px (height) and we will upload this to all of the TV screens in our venues and shops. Unfortunately, our system does not currently support video files.
>Make sure to include: Date/Time/Location of event + Entry price (even if free) + where people can find out more information.
  • Print media:
>Feel free to put up any posters for your events in our Venues, just let us know in advance so that we can make sure they aren’t taken down/removed. You will need to make a note of where these are and remove them once the event is over.
>Be conscious of how much you are printing and make sure to recycle them after you are finished with them.
>You’re also welcome to distribute flyers around any of our Venues, although please remember to be conscious of overloading. A reduced amount of flyers on tables during busy periods will be more effective than chucking them everywhere. If it gets to the point where your flyers are overloading the tables, they will be removed.
IMPORTANT: If you are linking with any businesses or are being supported by any external sponsors please let us know in advance. One of our revenue streams is from the sale of advertising space so we would need to have a discussion if another company were to benefit from our free promotional services.

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