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The Big Comic Book of Brilliant Books
24th April - 30th June
Cadman Foyer
BINGO LINGO Staffordshire
23rd May
LRV and Verve
Staffordshire we are coming for you! ?? Grab your dabbers and party pants, because we have a crazy first show lined up for you
Student Voice Conference
24th May
Union Boardroom, Students' Union
This is for all returning, interested or newly recruited ACADEMIC REPS. Our Student Voice Conference gives you the chance to feedback to Students' Union Staff, as well completing our new induction programme.
28th May
Join Poker Society for a few games of Poker!


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Better Staffs Forum 2017

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    Holiday Kids Club

      The majority of students at Staffs are mature (22+) and many of these are parents. Many parents don't have the facility for young to teenage children to be looked after whilst they continue their studies and/ or employment alongside their studies. School holidays don't always align with university breaks, leaving parents frustrated with no option for older child care. I propose a facility be set up for child care around school & university holidays. I'm unsure as to whether it should be free or at a low cost but a facility none-the-less would be better than nothing to help parents who already feel alienated for not fitting into the 18-21, no child norm.
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