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17th March - 1st July
COVID-19 - 8 Ball Pool Leauge
23rd March - 13th April
Stay at home
COVID-19 should not stand in the way of you enjoying your self . Thats Why we have created a club on Miniclips 8 ball pool . All you have to do is Join the Staffs Cue Sports club on the app and enjoy your self .
Byte-Size Skills - Get your free software!
6th May
Digital Garage in the Student Hub, Leek Road Campus ST4 2DE
Did you know, as a student you are eligible for free software, including a full version of Microsoft Office? Come along to this session at the Digital Garage and see what you can get for FREE!
Byte-Size Skills - Avoid coursework tears, use OneDrive!
13th May
Digital Garage in the Student Hub, Leek Road Campus ST4 2DE
Being a student can be stressful. Alleviate some of that stress by ditching the Flash drives making the most of OneDrive Cloud Storage. Come along to this session at the Digital Garage and never lose an assignment again.


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Stephanie Cairncross
11:59am on 3 Oct 19 There is NO excuse for this - Divest now!!!! If our University truly respected and listened to us students, this would NOT be happening. Look at all these other unis that have committed: https://peopleandplanet.org/fossil-free-victories . How can anyone be #ProudToBeStaffs when the University (not Union!) is financially supporting Climate Change?
Grace Howieson
1:54pm on 3 Oct 19 The University should BACK the Union and the student's efforts to fight climate change. We can't outrun the shadow of £2 MILLION investments in fossil fuels and makes it very difficult to be #ProudToBeStaffs. Divest Now!
Callum Young
2:08pm on 3 Oct 19 The university can't expect us as students to be #proudtobestaffs when they actively do things we can not be proud of.
Connor Brady
3:53pm on 3 Oct 19 If the University wants to actually represent it's student then it has to divest from Fossil Fuels. With this current policy #proudtobestaffs is just branding as no student can be proud of a University which supports the climate change that will destroy our planet
Jamie Hosking
4:26pm on 3 Oct 19 There is zero reason to invest in fossil fuels in this critical era for climate change.
Anna Covell
7:05pm on 3 Oct 19 The university cannot expect us to be #proudtobestaffs whilst they're actively supporting climate change, it's 2019 and we all know better, back the union and divest!
Mark Warren
6:22pm on 5 Oct 19 Quite frankly I'm amazed Staffs hasn't already done so, Student shop did the green bag initiative last year - surely investing in fossil fuel energy is going to undo all that hard effort. Plus with so much money a long term investment in Eco Friendly solutions would be a benefit to the university both Economically and Environmentally.
Cassandra Kelly
7:26pm on 8 Oct 19 I totally agree! Staffs needs to deinvest now! There are way better things staffs can invest their money in to help save our earth - and invest into other stuff at the university. I am #proudtobestaffs student but I'd be a #proudertobesatffs student if they deinvested their money in fossil fuels! Pave the way to a better future and show other univeristies across the UK that they can do better and be better! Come on staffs do something!