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Who are SUR? | Interview
#WeAreSUR on green corner with photo of formula student racing car and driver

Did you know your University is full of Formula (student) racing drivers?! We speak to the Staffs UnMore

2020 Learning and Teaching Commitments - are they right for you?

We want to hear what you think about the University commitments for students in 2020/21!More

Emergency Phone Maintenance

Trying to call us? We're working on it, but please email us in the meantimeMore

I'm a Masters student/student doing resits and I need the library!
Library photo

Sound like you? We've got an update on library provisions right here to help you out.More


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Staffordshire University Welcome 2020 | Official
19th-27th September
Staffordshire University
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    Create R&B/Hip Hop Night

      The current student nights seem to cater to the same type of music and r&b/ hip hop is only played in verve with no real dance floor, an extra night should be added to cater to more people.
    Jack Twyneham
    5:29pm on 23 Jan 20 Hey Chanelle, I believe the SU have a meeting tomorrow on the 24th to discuss a change in the events held at the LRV. I also run a society called the Hip Hop society where we organise regular meetups, club events & discussions. We're essentially aiming to change the student nights theme to cater to more people too, if you are interested you're more than welcome to join our group... I'll leave you a link to our society page & also a link to our Facebook page where we can provide regular updates in regards to any social events we will be holding! Thanks :) Jack.
    Jayden Lambert-Smith
    10:27pm on 27 Jan 20 This literally needs to be a thing because the music at gobble is the same out-dated 2004 songs played on repeat ...