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    Twinning Toilets

      As most student groups fundraise/raise awareness physically on campus, lockdown has been a bit difficult. But it shouldn't be a reason to halt campaigning altogether. Project Earth Society were looking at ideas of what we could do and came across "2.3 billion people in the world don’t have a toilet. Because of this, millions of children fall sick, miss class – and fail their exams. Attendance gets worse when girls start their periods…" Essentially, you sponsor a family's toilet (latrine) by 'Twinning' it with toilets on campus! We think this is definitely something the Students' Union should lead on and encourage the University to support this great cause!
    Sab Jones
    9:51am on 20 Apr 20 Hi Steph! Thanks for submitting this. I've made sure that this will be taken forward to Better Staffs online on the 7th of May for discussion and decision-making!