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Haunted Halls
7th-30th October
Your Flat
Come and take part in our yearly Haunted Halls event! To enter all you have to do is register via the ResLife Portal and then decorate your flat. The deadline to register is the 30th October
Pumpkin Carving Competition
18th-30th October
Your Flat/House
Throughout October we want to see your best pumpkin carving! Are you going to create the scariest pumpkin, the cutest pumpkin or are you able to create a halloween scene on your pumpkin?!
University Challenge 2020/21
26th October - 1st November
October 1/2 Term Kids Activity Days
26th-30th October
Book your children places for a week of activity with Premier Education for just £5!


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    Increase Representation on the student council

      The LGBT+ community is a large and diverse one and that is reflected in the students here at staffs. Currently The LGBT+ network chair sits on the student council, which is great! but in periods when the chair of the LGBT+ network is a cis person I feel that Trans students can not be fully represented by that person, simply because they haven't "lived that life" and not had the same experiences as a trans or non binary student has. I propose that the Trans Officer from the LGBT+ Network be added to the student council, for better representation of our community.
    Sab Jones
    11:57am on 5 Oct 20 Thanks very much Len for your submission. This is something that many SUs have considered (e.g. autonomous trans representation) and a discussion worth having, potentially internally in the LGBT+ Network then for a Better Staffs. Network representation is a huge focus for the Union this year, and this definitely feeds into it. Should we have any updates, we'll be in contact.