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Staffs Landmark Challenge
18th January - 28th February
From 18th January to 28th February we are inviting you to take part in our Landmark Challenge. Together as a University, we hope to raise awareness of mental health problems and the issues we are currently facing during this difficult time.
Leadership Race: Nominations open
20th January - 21st March
Find out more about the opportunity to #LeadStaffs
Environmental Sustainability Challenge
21st January - 24th February
As part of our newly branded Sustain Staffs campaign launch, last November, staff and students at Staffordshire University were invited to submit project proposals for creating a more sustainable University community.
Digital Life Drawing Sessions
23rd January
Life Drawing Sessions in collaboration with Digital Art Society


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    Mass Covid-19 Testing

      The university should be testing all students for Covid-19, not just symptomatic students. As seen by Northumbria University, 770 cases were found using mass testing however only 78 were symptomatic. People are still able to spread the virus when asymptomatic so to effectively control the virus on campus and in the community, all students must be offered a free Covid-19 test.
    Liam Ramsbottom
    5pm on 15 Oct 20 This would be a great idea and fully support It. but I can see two possible issues, on top of the obvious logistical issue. one would be how to encourage students to take the tests, would these be mandatory tests for students? or voluntary? two, students could become bolder after negative results, with the mentality of 'I tested negative so I can do anything now'. what I would like to see is the temperature machines you see in restaurants located around campus, this could be a viable addition to any testing scheme for when students take part in F2F lectures with immediate results compared to testing.