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The Big Comic Book of Brilliant Books
24th April - 30th June
Cadman Foyer
28th May
Join Poker Society for a few games of Poker!
Capoeira (Beginners)
28th May
K14, Dwight Building
No matter what your fitness level, if you're looking to try something brand new then this is for you.
Chessington World of Adventures
29th May
Wild and wonderful day out at Chessington World Of Adventures!


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Better Staffs Forum 2017

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    Study Cafe

      A cafe where student can go in and study and pay for top up coffee so they don't need to keep getting up and walking away from their work to grab a top up. Servers can also promote snacks and things for students who have been studying for a while and might need a break. It'll allow students to stay focused on a task rather than getting distracted from keep standing up and doing other things.
    Ethan Roberts
    12:11pm on 5 Mar 19 Good idea this would be really useful for people who need to study between lectures
    Ulysses Jones
    3:36pm on 23 Apr 19 Hey Bethany! This is a great idea, one we'll be talking about in the next Better Staffs Forum on the 9th of May :)