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1st November - 1st December
Let's change the game of Men's Health here at Staffs
Speak Week
18th-25th November
What would you do if you ran the University?
NEW Cocktail Fridays
22nd November
Ember Lounge
NEW for 2019/2020 - a pitcher of your favourite Ember Lounge cocktail for just £10, every Friday evening from 7pm!
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament
23rd November
The Video Games Union hosts a Smash Ultimate tournament on campus!


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    Security team to use the alert system to notify students to dangerous situations

      Tonight, there was a large presence of police and the campus security team on campus due to a situation on student accommodation and another incident outside Cadman. One of the situations is a continuation of another situation that occurred on Wednesday and Thursday, and students were not notified whatsoever. We should not have to rely on word of mouth by other students to find out that there is a serious ongoing/passed situation on campus. The police supposedly informed the campus security team to alert students as soon as possible. This has not occurred, and a complaint has been lodged against the security team. The MyStaffsUni app has an alert system that can push notifications to student's phones. This system is mainly used to push parking information and news. The campus security team should be using this alert system to notify students about potentially dangerous situations as soon as physically possible. These situations should not be kept a secret from students.
    Jamie Robertson
    4:52pm on 7 Nov 19 Hi Steven, Thanks for sharing your idea - given the nature of what you've posted I've sent you a quick email. In relation to the MyStaffsUni app, my understanding is that the platform can only deliver bulk messages to all users, hence students across Stafford, Shrewsbury and London would potentially receive misleading safety information, which might cause unwanted confusion. I believe the University are already working on changing this and I'll make sure your comments are fed through to the relevant University staff via the Officer Team. ^Jamie - Voice Manager.
    Steven Wheeler
    5:17pm on 7 Nov 19 Hi Jamie, I have responded to your email. Thanks!