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    Stop reducing usable space in the Library.

      It's hard enough to find a free computer in the Library at the best of times, but with constant changes to the building its becoming even harder still. Since 2017, the Art collection has been turned into Offices to replace those that were in Brindley, the 2nd floor has become PHD offices. The childrens library, whilst a good idea and a useful resource, has still reduced the number of usable computers for students, and now the Skills Hub and main desk are moving into the main area reducing space still. At the rate things are going, there'll scarcely be any library left in a few years time.
    Jamie Robertson
    6:04am on 6 Jan 20 Hi Fergus, thanks for submitting your idea! I'll raise this with the Officer Team and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. ^Jamie, Voice Manager.
    Jamie Robertson
    3:05pm on 7 Jan 20 Here's a response from Nicky Adams the Customer Services and Library Manager: Although we have had a reduction in the Library space we work with Digital Services endeavouring to maintain the number of PCs and with the Estates Department to improve and relocate study spaces and minimise any detrimental impact on students. The most recent change of the re-location of the Customer Services desk, Self Service facilities and Skills Space expedited our plans to relocate resources and we moved the journals and DVDs to the Main Collection on the ground floor. Removing the condensed journal store allowed us to create a new quiet study space re-locating PCs and tables, the room is large and bright and is proving to be a popular study space. Due to the speed of the latest move there are a few outstanding tasks that we are working with Estates to complete. When we introduced the Children’s Library we re-located all of the PCs within the Library. As we continue to invest in more online resources and the number of physical resources reduces we review the stock and change the layout of the library to reflect this. One huge change will be the relocation of the Library to the Catalyst building in 2021 so, although we have the immediate impact of space changing in the Cadman building, we are looking at the long term campus plan and the benefits that moving to an amazing new building will bring. The Student’s Union have a standing invitation to attend the Library Management Meetings and we do have a good relationship with the Reps so please continue to raise any issues relating to the Library with them or ask about contacting me directly. There are also post-it note feedback boards and the comments and suggestions forms and boxes in the Library if you wish to submit anonymous feedback.