M9 Awakening - Live

Event Details


Fri 15 October 2021 20:00-21:00


8pm - 9pm




M9 Awakening - Live

As part of the Black History Month celebrations we are proud to welcome M9 Awakening to the stage of LRV for this special FREE EVENT..


What they say about themselves:


Our Mission

We, M9 AWAKENING, aspire to create music which aides the ascension of our collective consciousness. Through our music we are helping to create a whirld where every living being will be free from the physical and mental constraints of the lies we have been born into. With the vibration that is DEVIne love, we are creating a modern take on Hip Hop that sees us now into a new age of hope and truth.

We share, we learn and we grow, Yoniversally connected to our Mother. Through her, our source, we shall rise together...

.........and dance x