Academic Strategy Session: Modes of delivery and learning

Event Details


Thu 05 December 2019 12:00-13:30


noon - 1:30pm


LT114/6, Ashley


Academic Strategy Session: Modes of delivery and learning

What's this all about?

2030 seems a long way off, but that's how far ahead leaders at the University are thinking - and they'd like students to engage in the development of the new Academic Strategy leading up to that date.

These sessions are designed to draw on available evidence from acrosss the UK's University sector to compare to our own experiences and insights. All of the Academic Strategy Sessions will be interactive, playful and informal.


This session will cover: 

Modes of delivery and learning: going beyond pace, place and time?

This session considers the evidence about flexibility in approaches to learning and how this is often allied with maximising choice. Given literature suggests that certain student populations can exploit choice more effectively than others, so in this session we will consider how to apply these into the lived experience at Staffs. What does ‘connected’ really mean, both now and in 2030, in the context of delivery, student and staff demographics? What does a Staffordshire University infrastructure (physical, virtual, peopled) need to be in order to deliver a flexible, challenging and successful student experience?


But, what's the purpose?

2030 seems a long way off, but effective strategy development needs us all to think about whether asking ‘What if?’ in a disciplined way allows you to rehearse the possibilities of tomorrow and then to take action today empowered by those provocations and insights (Scearce and Fulton, 2004: 2). These sessions are designed to do exactly that. Each session will draw on available evidence and we will compare, be informed by, and apply local insights into such information alongside our own experience and insights. All sessions will be interactive, playful and informal.