Focus Group - What does 'Personal Tutoring' mean to you?

Event Details


Mon 13 July 2020 15:00-16:30


3pm - 4:30pm


Microsoft Teams, online


Focus Group - What does 'Personal Tutoring' mean to you?

In line with a project the University is completing, we'd like to hear your feedback in regards to your Personal Tutors.

In line with a project that the University is completing to review how Personal Tutors (who will now be named ‘Academic Mentors’) support their mentees, we’re keen to get feedback and suggestions from you.

We’re keen to hear from students to better understand what support you’d expect from your Academic Mentor, how they can assist you, and what changes could be made to allow your interactions with them to be beneficial, and valuable, to you. We’ll ask you about your current experiences with personal tutors, as well as possible changes for the next academic year, and beyond.


The session will run for an hour or so and will be held online via Microsoft Teams. You can join the session by clicking here.