Annual Student Members' Meeting

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Thu 26 November 2020 16:00-17:30


4pm - 5:30pm




Annual Student Members' Meeting

An opportunity to find out how your Union is performing

What is a Student Members' Meeting?
• When we reference Members, we mean students!
• It’s the membership’s opportunity to understand more about the Union as a charity
• It’s a chance to meet some of our Trustees and learn more about the Board
• It’s in our constitution as an important opportunity for transparency for our members

1. Introductions
2. 2019/20 - How we did financially
3. 2019/20 - How did we perform against our Plan?
4. 2020+ Planning
5. Organisational/Trustee Updates by your President, Connor Bayliss
6. Elected Officer and Team Manifesto Updates
7. Opportunity for questions


Join via Microsoft Teams

Quick Link to 2019/21 Annual Report and Accounts