Myth Society Drop-in Dungeons & Dragons

Event Details


Tue 13 April 2021 18:00-22:00


6pm - 10pm


Online - Discord server


Myth Society Drop-in Dungeons & Dragons

Join Myth's ongoing D&D 5th Edition drop-in campaign!

Dungeon Legends is into its 3rd year of running, and has kept growing bigger and better each year! Join its dedicated Discord server here (, create a character following our simple guidelines, and sign up for a quest!

  • Multiple sessions running each week on varying days past 6:00 pm, so you're sure to be available for one!
  • Friendly community, always willing to help out new players!
  • Roleplay outside of sessions with our living-world system!
  • Like to be the Dungeon Master? Ask in the server to become a Wizard!