New Vic Theatre - The Nutcracker: A Christmas Fairytale
New Vic Theatre - Etruria Rd, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle ST5 0JG
This Christmas, take an epic adventure to The Kingdom of Sweets as the New Vic brings to life The Nutcracker: A Christmas Fairytale.
Arts, Media and Music
New Vic Theatre - Eric's Pride and Prejudice
New Vic Theatre - Etruria Rd, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle ST5 0JG
As Christmas approaches, Mrs Bennett is more concerned than ever about marrying off her five daughters. Her husband, stricken with a stomach bug which keep him out of her way for prolonged periods, holds many a conversation with his wife from the...
Arts, Media and Music
Students' Union Big Christmas Give!
Blackheath Lane, Stafford Campus
Get involved with some Gift Giving for Charity this Christmas!
Blackheath Lane (Stafford) | Featured Events | Christmas | Collaboration with student groups | Charity Fundraising
Fortnightly Coffee Morning/Chit Chat and Drop In
Green House, Royal Doulton Building, Stoke Campus
Welcome to our Fortnightly drop in sessions at the Green House. We will have Tea, Coffee, Snacks and Nibbles. Theres space to chill and chat about whatever you want. Drop in and join us!
Family Friendly | Health and Wellbeing | Give it a Go | No Alcohol event | Reslife | Supporting Staffs | Free Event
winter fair Winter Fair
LRV & The Catalyst
Crafts and festive activities in the LRV and Catalyst.
LRV | Family Friendly | Featured Events | Christmas | University events | Free Event
Witchy Wednesday
Witchy Wednesdays are our weekly Society meet ups! Each week has a different theme and topic that we can explore, from tarot to crystals to paranormal investigating! No week is the same, always different!!
Verve | Academic Interests | Activities and Games | Special Interest and Appreciation | Faith and Religion | LGBTQ+ | No Alcohol event
Chill and Chat
Ashley 2, LW121
Our weekly social meeting- to chill and chat :) Coffe, tea and hot chocolate available
Academic Interests | No Alcohol event | Free Event
Psychology society wellbeing walk
Monthly wellbeing walk - wrap up warm as it's going to be cold this time and bring a flask, so you can make a warm drink (provided free).. This walk will take place around Staffordshire unis nature reserve (weather dependant).
Health and Wellbeing | Academic Interests | Sustainable Union | Inclusion | Free Event | Not Wheelchair Accessible
Neighbourhood Police Officer Event with Staffordshire Police
Ashley Building LT012
Come down and meet with a local neighbourhood Police Officer and discover opportunities of involvement with Staffordshire Police!
Academic Interests | Free Event
Yu-gi-oh! Society Casual Meet Up/Tournament
Flaxman L518
Join our discord to find out more:
Activities and Games | Give it a Go | Esports and Gaming | No Alcohol event
Dance Rehearsal - Contemporary
Sixth Form Centre/Dwight K014
Dance training and rehearsal
Music and Dance | Activities and Games | Free Event
Scarlettes Logo Cheer Pom Sessions
Cheer Pom Sessions
Sport | Group Members Only
Weekly Chess Event
Ember Lounge
Play chess with the Chess Club!
Ember Lounge | Evening Entertainments | Activities and Games
Weekly GDS Session
C108 Cadman Building
Regular Game Development Society Session
Learning and Development | Academic Interests
Cue Sports - Competitive Session
Longton snooker and pool
Learn and develop competition skills.
Open Mic Night
Join Us for a Night of Talent and Creativity at DEGS Society's Open Mic!
Evening Entertainments | Verve | Inclusion
Paradox Game Night
Mellor S102
Come to Mellor for the biggest Paradox gaming event in Staffordshire university! We will have sweets and pizza on request so be sure to let us know your preferences. See you then!
Evening Entertainments | Food based events | Blackheath Lane (Stafford) | Activities and Games | Give it a Go | Black History Month | Online | Esports and Gaming | Free Event
Christmas Jumper Day
Stafford, London, Stoke
Happy Christmas Jumper Day! Wear your woolies and help raise money for Save The Children
Blackheath Lane (Stafford) | Christmas | Sustainable Union | London | Charity Fundraising
Spirits (dodgeball logo) Dodgeball
SSMSC - Sports Hall
Interested in giving Dodgeball a go? Come down to the session every Thursday in the Sports Hall. Please wear sports clothing and appropriate footwear.
Unit 1 Parkworks logo Unit 1 Parkworks Skating
Unit 1 ParkWorks, Ogden Rd, Hanley, ST1 3BX
Skateboarding, stunt scooter, BMX, inline & quad skates - all at Unit 1 Park Works
Sport | Give it a Go | Curated Event
Scarlettes Logo Cheer Pom Sessions
Sixth Form College
Cheer Pom Sessions
Sport | Group Members Only
Fight Club Locals
Cadman D101
Casual Fighting Game Set-ups
Activities and Games | Esports and Gaming | Free Event
Free Zumba
Leek Road Venue
Join us for free zumba - open to students and staff
Health and Wellbeing | University events | Free Event
Idol Dance
Flaxman L410
Join the Idol Society for their Thursday dance session
Music and Dance | Activities and Games | Special Interest and Appreciation
Scarlettes Logo Cheer Conditioning Sessions
Cheer Conditioning Sessions
Sport | Group Members Only
Weekly Bible Study
Flaxman Room L518
Weekly Bible Study
Faith and Religion | Free Event
Stuff a sock Stuff a Sock
Stoke Campus
Donations welcomed for the Macari Foundation: New socks, toiletries, hygiene products
Christmas | Community and Civic partners | Charity Fundraising
Psychology society crocheting and mindfulness sessions
Come join us for a session of crocheting and mindfulness with Lucy.... free snacks and drinks provided
Health and Wellbeing | Academic Interests | Free Event
Study Sessions- Everyone is Welcome (free snacks + drinks!)
Science Centre, R311
Studying Psychology? Not sure how to write an essay or lab report? Or do you just want to chat with someone about a recent lecture? Join us for Friday Study Sessions, grab a drink and snacks for free.
Caffeine and Machine Christmas Trip
Caffeine and Machine (The Hill), Ettington, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 7NS
Caffeine and Machine is transformed into a big Christmas party venue between 5pm and 10pm. We’ll have a DJ or a live band playing throughout, full festive buffets for all attendees to tuck into, And of course the fantastic display of cars!
Evening Entertainments | Live Music | Music and Dance | Activities and Games | Arts, Media and Music | Featured Events | Christmas | Group Members Only
Scarlettes Logo Cheer Lvl 2 Non Tumbling Comp Sessions
Cheer level 2 Non Tumbling Comp Sessions
Sport | Group Members Only
Jiu-Jitsu Jiu-Jitsu
SSMSC - Sports Hall
Interested in giving Jiu-Jitsu a go? Come down to the session every Friday in the Sports Hall. Please wear sports clothing and appropriate footwear.
Mountaineering @ SSMSC
Sir Stanley Matthew's Sports Centre
All members are welcome to join us for our weekly Friday session at Sir Stanley Matthew's Sports Centre
Sport | Group Members Only
Dance Rehearsal - Hip-Hop
Sixth Form Centre/Dwight K014
Dance training and rehearsal
Music and Dance | Activities and Games | Free Event
Christmas Meal
Park Church, ST4 2BZ
The Christian union would like to invite you to our Christmas meal! A completely free meal for all students to attend. Also includes a short talk from a member of a local church. Doors open at 6pm on Friday the 8th of December at Park Church.
Family Friendly | Food based events | Faith and Religion | Christmas | No Alcohol event | Community and Civic partners | Free Event
Folklore Society Weekly Session
ResLife Gardens (Behind Coalport)
Join us around the campfire for folklore stories! Wrap up in our warm blankets and enjoy some smores on us!
Activities and Games | Group Members Only

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wargame is a strategy game in which two or more players command opposing armed forces in a realistic simulation of an armed conflict. A wargame must have a setting that is based on some historical era of warfare so as to establish what armaments the combatants may wield and the environment they fight in.

historical setting accurately depicts a real historical era of warfare. Among recreational wargamers, the most popular historical era is World War 2. A fantasy setting depicts a fictional world in which the combatants wield fictional or anachronistic armaments, but it should be similar enough to some historical era of warfare such that the combatants fight in a familiar and credible way.  For instance, Warhammer Age of Sigmar has wizards and dragons, but the combat is mostly based on medieval warfare (spearmen, archers, knights, etc.). Some are also set in the future, where there is a "World War Three" going on.

A wargame's level of war determines to the scope of the scenario, the basic unit of command, and the degree to which lower level processes are abstracted.

At the tactical level, the scenario is a single battle. The basic unit of command is an individual soldier or small group of soldiers.[9] The time span of the scenario is in the order of minutes. At this level, the specific capabilities of the soldiers and their armaments are described in detail. An example of a tactical-level games is Flames of War, in which players use miniature figurines to represent individual soldiers, and move them around on a scale model of the battlefield.

At the operational level, the scenario is a military campaign, and the basic unit of command is a large group of soldiers. At this level, the outcomes of battles are usually determined by a simple computation.

At the strategic level, the scenario is an entire war. The player addresses higher-level concerns such as economics, research, and diplomacy. The time span of the game is in the order of months or years


  • Warhammer 40,000 is a popular grimdark, sci-fi wargame played with hand-painted miniatures.
  • Art de la Guerre or ADLG is a tactical-level miniature wargame that simulates battles from the ancient to late medieval period.[12]
  • Flames of War is a tactical-level historical miniature wargame that simulates land battles during World War 2.
  • TACSPIEL is an operational-level military wargame developed in the 1960s by the US Army for research into guerilla warfare.[13]
  • The Sigma war games were a series of strategic level games that sought to predict the outcome of the Vietnam War.
  • Hearts of Iron IV is a strategic-level computer wargame set in the mid-20th century.
  • Wings of War is tactical-level historical wargame that simulates World War 1 aerial dogfights.
  • Star Wars: X-Wing is a fantasy wargame whose rules are based on Wings of War.
Casual Table Top Wargames played with other members, to test out Armies, talk about painting and have matches purely for fun. if this sounds like fun come along we are very new player friendly and enjoy having new people come along