All-In For Movember!

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Sat 30 November 2019 12:00-17:00


noon - 5pm




All-In For Movember!

The Poker Society presents.... All-In For Movember! On 30th November at Verve, 12-5 PM. £2.50 Buy-in, £1 of which will go to charity. Re-buys are allowed.

"All-In For Movember!" hosted by The Poker Society!

This will be our first charity tournament held this year! We will be supporting the Movember charity!

Please come and join us for a fun afternoon of poker and raising money for a good cause on the 30th November, Verve, 12-5 PM.

The buy-in will be £2.50. £1 of which will go towards the charity. You are allowed to re-buy. If you wish to make a straight donation without playing poker, you can do. This will be separated from the winnings.

This event is open to all students! Please invite friends to take part- we would love to donate as much money as possible!


Don't worry if you have never played before, you won't have to deal out cards and you will be helped out by our other members!

Please try to turn up 15 minutes before the game starts. This will give us time to finish setting up and take buy-ins.


If you enjoy your first session and would like to continue coming, please join our society! You can do this here: It's only £3!