The Big One

Event Details


Sun 16 February 2020 12:00-17:00


noon - 5pm




The Big One

This is The Big One you've all been waiting for! 16th Feb - Sunday, Verve, 12 PM. This is a members event only! If you'd like to play, please join the society!

The Big One hosted by The Poker Society!

Only one re-buy allowed. 25k Chips. 10% Extra for early birds!

Please try to turn up 15 minutes before the game starts. This will give us time to finish setting up and take buy-ins and you'll receive an early bird bonus!

This event is a members only event! Please join the society if you wish to play!


Every week, we host a poker tournament where everyone can play! This happens at Verve, 6 PM every Tuesday!

Your first 'Weekly Poker Tournament' doesn't require membership! Please come a long and "Give it a Go!" 

Don't worry if you have never played before, you won't have to deal out cards and you will be helped out by our other members!

If you enjoy your first session and would like to continue coming, please join our society! You can do this here: It's only £1.50!