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Staying Safe
top tips

As we are reaching that time of year when things are getting quieter on campus and students are starting to go home, here are just a few tips to keep you safe!

The Safe Taxi Scheme
Hannah safe taxi

Get Home Safe: Pay Later

Period Poverty
Hannah Blackburn

FREE Period products available across campus (Stoke, London and Stafford) from Wed 10th May.

Your 23/24 Officer Team!
Results announcement image

Here's who will #LeadStaffs next year...

Are you due a refund? (TV Licence)
tv licence refund graphic

Sorted next year’s uni accommodation. What's next? You may be entitled to extra holiday spending money in the form of a TV Licence refund.

Campus safety
PC Gareth Richardson

Hayden talks to PC Gareth Richardson about student safety concerns,

Crisp Packet Recycling
Crisp Packet Project Image

Fantastic foil, helping the homeless

Jayne Evans, Lecturer HSW
Jayne Evans ptbs 2023

For always encouraging and supporting Stafford students.

Student Group of the Month: March 2023

SUDC compete in two competitions and demonstrate Unity, Pride and Belonging

Staffordshire Scarlettes take on ICE Cooler & BCA 2023

Staffs Scarlettes Cheer their way to Trophies!

Going global with Game Dev Society
GDS Logo

Global Game Jam 2023

Student Group of the Month; February 2023

Cue Sports and African Caribbean Societies

GreenPad Staff SU
greenpad staff PTBS23

For working tirelessly to support students in accommodation

Michelle Emery, Lettings Manager SU
michelle emery P2BS23

For being an amazing listener and always being there for students.

Jamie Robertson, SU Student Voice
jamie robertson PTBS23

For always being supportive and going the extra mile for students.

Members' Meeting Review 2022

A brief review of the Students' Union's operations over the past academic year

Graduate Police Officer Recruitment Webinars
West Mercia Police

Police Recruitment - Current students and recent graduates

Donna Graham , Tutor JSS
Donna Graham PTBS

For always being supportive, patient and kind.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week
Beat - Eating Disorder awareness week

Eating Disorder Awareness Week is a campaign run by Beat to put eating disorders in the spotlight.

Fairtrade Mother's Day gifts
Fairtrade mothers day gifts

Supporting mothers around the world

career connect

Helping international students to navigate university life

One Staffs Cafe
One Staffs Cafe logo

Bringing Culture and communities together as one

Fairtrade Fortnight
Fairtrade fortnight

What is Fairtrade Fortnight?

Phil Chamberlain, Student DTA
PTBS Phil Chamberlain

For always going above and beyond for the Cheerleading Team.

Volunteer with SOS-Uk at English Heritage
Image of stonehenge

Sustainability auditors across English Heritage sites

Fashion is killing our Planet fast!
fashion landfill

Fast to make and fast to kill.

Jessica Scougall, SU Staff
jess scougall ptbs

For always giving 100% effort, time and commitment to every role and responsibility.

Sid Impey, Student DTA
Sid Impey PTBS

For dedicating continuous time and effort in supporting LGBTQ+ students.

Kerry Magee, SU Venue Manager
Kerry Magee PTBS

For being an amazing, supportive and selfless manager.

Emily Baughn, Union Team Member
Emily Baughn PTBS

For being an amazing friend who is always supporting others

Charlie Reece, Ember Lounge Manager
Charlie Reece PTBS

For acting quickly and using the appropriate first aid to help someone in need.

Jaimie Ditchfield, Lecturer DTA
Jaimie Ditchfield

For being an amazing support for colleagues and students.

Lauren Metclafe, Professor JSS
Lauren Merclafe ptbs 2023

For having incredible dedication and going above and beyond for students.

Volunteering News January 2023
Volunteers shaking hands

Find the opportunity that fits around your study

SOS-UK Homes Fit For Study Survey

Win £500 - it could be you!

FREE Vegan Issue - Ethical Consumer
Ethical consumer

Veganuary special, free digital download

Stamp out spiking

Don't be a spiker!

Student Group Badges
Supporting Staffs Badge image

Rewards and recognition

Cost of Living: What have we done to support you?
Five pounds

Our commitment to cost-of-living support for students, check it out!

Scarlettes wrap up a successful term
scarlettes logo

2022 has been a busy year

Staying safe over the Christmas Break with PC Gareth!
Hayden Tsang

Make sure to let ResLife know your plans for leaving or staying in halls over Christmas!

Staffs TV shows how great sports coverage is done
staffs tv logo

Academic societies; developing industry skills

£50 up for grabs!
Clock face image

Complete our 2 minute survey for your chance to win

Student group of the month; November 2022
Cue and scarlettes logos

Student group(s) of the month; November 2022

Disabled Students' Network, Student
Disabled Students network

For the continued support on improving accessibility for all on campus.

LGBTQ+ Network, Student Group
lgbtq+ network proud to be staffs

For coming together and raising a significant amount of money for the Transition Fund.

Stay Safe online

Using social media safely

Volunteering News November 2022
Person picking up litter

Volunteering News Nov 2022
Sustainability Special

Campaign for sustainable living at university
SOS Logo

Make your accommodation more sustainable

Carbon Literate Award for Staffordshire University
Carbon Literate Bronze logo

Carbon Literate Organisation Bronze

Better Staffs for sustainable change
better staffs logo

Submit your ideas for sustainable change

SOT Transport Strategy Consultation
Cycle image

Have your say: S-O-T City Council's new Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan

Better Staffs
Better staffs 2022

Do you have an idea to make something better at your University, your Union or the world?

Better Staffs
Better staffs 2022

Do you have an idea to make something better at your University, your Union or the world?

Fancy winning £500?
Fancy winning £500?

Let us know what skills you're looking to get from your degree and you could win £500.

Did you know...
Recycle clothes bin

You can donate your unwanted clothes on campus?

Volunteering News October 2022
Volunteer cartoon image

Volunteering News Oct 2022

Become a student home energy auditor

Students Organising for Sustainability are looking for student volunteers

Did you know...
did you know

You can pre-buy your tickets from our What's On tab and check your purchase history!

Did you know...
did you know

We have an Advice Team who are here for you!

Staffordshire University signs national pledge

Staffordshire University has signed a national pledge not to use non-disclosure agreements for complaints about sexual harassment, bullying and other forms of misconduct.

Q. Why would you wash empty crisp packets?
Photo of crisp packets

A. To help the homeless stay warm in winter

Enjoy Your Night Out Safely
Stop Topps logo

Responsible Drinking

Varsity 2022
varsity group photos staffs

Well done Staffs! You have made us so #proudtobestaffs!

Hydration Stations
Picture of water bottle

Where to refill your water bottle for free

Student Council 15.02.22
Semester 2 Rep Council February 2022

This article highlights some of the actions and achievements from our Student Council meeting in February.

Ethical and Sustainable Purchasing from a Student Team Member perspective
sustainable earth protest

Saving the environment and your pocket at the same time!

Students achieving more awards at Staffs!
Image of student

Celebrating Staffordshire University's Hedgehog Friendly Campus Bronze accreditation

NHS Covid Passport
c19 passport image

What Plan B means to you and everything you need to know about entering our club nights.

Podcast Episode 5:
Martin, Ralph and Aaron

Postgraduate Student Finance

Podcast Episode 4

Funding for Healthcare Professionals, Students with Disabilities

Podcast Episode 3. Support for Undergraduate Student Parents
Eddie, Ralph and Martin

Martin and Ralph talk with student-parent Eddie Bammeke`

Podcast Episode 2. Undergraduate Student Finance

Martin and Ralph discuss Student Finance

Advice Podcast Episode 1 - What is Blackbullion
Danny, Martin and Hannah

Danny and Martin from the Advice team discuss Blackbullion with President Hannah Blackburn

Zero Waste Section at the Student's Union Shop
Zero Waste filling station

It's Zero Waste when it comes to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Student group of the month; October 2022
ACS logo

African Caribbean Society; student group of the month

Team Manifesto 2020/21 - Leaving a legacy

Where your elected officer team are up to with the team manifesto.

Sustainability Plan 2021
Sustainability logo

Each year we set out our SMART plan for sustainability, helping to create and develop a more #SustainableUnion.

Join the Sustainability Challenge
University Sustainability Challenge Logo

Do you have a great idea that will help to make our campuses more environmentally sustainable? Would you like the opportunity to win funding, to turn that idea into a reality?

Team Manifesto 2020/21 - Semester 2 - Hitting the ground running!

Where your elected officer team are up to with the team manifesto.

Team Manifesto 2020/21 - Semester 1 - That's a wrap!

Where your elected officer team are up to with the team manifesto.

Staying safe when you arrive at Staffordshire University
Welcome and Be Safe logo

Some top tips for student safety from Welcome Week and beyond

Update 2021: SMART for Sustainability

We’re always working to reduce our impact on the planet from the Students’ Union. Here's how.

There's #NoExcuse for Islamaphobia and hate crime at Staffs

Find out how you can be an #UPSTANDERnotbystander

How to format an article on the Students' Union website
Content guide how to write articles, image of person pointing in a direction

Follow this guide to create engaging and accessible written content for students

Staffs Cheer Squad making us #ProudToBeStaffs

The Scorpions killed it in recent ICE cooler competition!

Night out, or out at night?

Feeling uncomfortable on a night out, Ask for Angela

Staffs Uni Cheerleading Champs!
cheerleading squad

Staffordshire Scarlettes win 4 1st place trophies at the British Cheerleading Competition