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ZineStaffs: Protest and Celebration

A creative way for students to share their voice

Dear landlords: Hear us out

Please consider sharing the impact on students

Reduced rent for Staffs students in on-campus accommodation

ResLife students can apply for a six-week reduction in their accommodation fees

Resource: Covid-19 Exceptional Circumstances Guidance

You are not alone, so please reach out if you need support on Exceptional Circumstances

Changes to Exceptional Circumstances

To ensure students are not disadvantaged, the barriers to applying for ECs have been reduced

Students' Union success: Assessment extensions for Staffordshire University students

We're proud to have influenced the University to extend first-semester deadlines by 2 weeks, ensuring you are not disadvantaged

What support is there for parent and carer students?

Following the closure of schools, we are raising your concerns

What happens with student accommodation following lockdown?

We continue to highlight and seek solutions to this problem, including working with the NUS, so that students get the advice and support they need during this time

Will I get a refund for my tuition fees?

Your Union will continue to work alongside NUS to make sure the student voice is heard at a national level

How to book a laptop or device to work on

If you don’t have access to a device that you can use for your studies at home, you can apply to loan a device from the University

I need financial advice as a student

You don't need to be in financial difficulty to contact us. We're specialists in students' finances, and we're here to help any Staffs students

What to do if you find yourself without food and need support

Find out how to access our free, confidential FoodHub service

Team Manifesto 2020/21 - Semester 1 - That's a wrap!

Where your elected officer team are up to with the team manifesto.

How do I access the library services?

The library will be open for students whose courses have resumed face-to-face teaching and students who need access to study space

Have a Very Eco Christmas

We Ho-Ho-Hope you have yourself a very merry-environmentally-friendly Christmas. Take a look at these top tips to enjoy yourself without sacrificing the environment too!

Donate items to our student FoodHub

Where you can drop off items and students facing financial hardship

Start to Success

Find out about our campaign which aims to increase the awareness of mental health and the support available for students across Staffordshire.

10 Ways to be More Sustainable this Christmas

10 Ways to be more sutainable this christmas from Washi tape, to newspaper some of these just might surprise you!

Log your volunteering hours

Use the Students' Union website to get recognition for your volunteering work

Better Staffs Forum | November 2020
Idea Bulb Image

What happened. What's next?

Team Manifesto 2020/21 - Where are we up to?

Where your elected officer team are up to with the team manifesto.

Anth braves the shave for Movember

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel

Rep Council: what did your representatives discuss?
For students, by students pic

A brief update on the discussions and actions from Representative Council, where those who represent you come together to improve your experience!

The BAME Attainment Gap | #BlackHistoryMonth

Blog by Staffordshire University Vice Chancellor, Liz Barnes

BHM's Top 12 Must See List!

Do you know your black history? You will by the time you've read and watched all this!

Why Black History Month Matters

Former Vice President, Geeta Lal, talks about the importance of Black History Month

Students who are #ProudToBeBlack
nom and friend

Nom and her flatmate share some traditional family recipes in their kitchen.

'Black enough' | #BlackHistoryMonth

"Being black - or being black enough - became a part of my every day, lived experience." Read Leah's story.

Check out the new London VGU: Staffordshire London Rampage

Students' Union works with brand new London VGU to create brand identy for Staffordshire London Rampage

Student Fundraising: How to and more resources

Some tips and ideas that you can use to help raise money for your chosen charity

SU President speaks to BBC Radio Stoke (19:54)

Talking about students starting at Staffordshire University during Covid-19

Black History Month 2020

A statement from your Elected Officer Month

Staffs students influence national policy on gender recognition

Following consultation with our LGBT+ Network and Elected Officers

How to get involved in a club or society

Expressing your interest and joining

The life of a virtual DJ: What's it like?

Student DJ DOM tells us why virtual club nights are still worth it

The Safer Staffs Community Pledge

Let's play our part and reduce the risk posed by covid-19

What is the Sunflower scheme?

We chatted to members of our Disabled Students' Network

For students, by students: Manifesto 2020-21
For students, by students

The five areas your Elected Officer Team are focusing on this academic year

What is Give It A Go?
Give it a Go branding: White background with blue and green illustrations

Jump in, try something different and meet new people at our 'Give it a Go' and taster sessions

What should I expect from my learning and teaching at Staffs

The Student Charter outlines the commitments of the University, the Union and Students in 2020/21

How you can vote to #LeadtheChange
I wanted to see students like me in leadership

How your simple online vote can make a big difference

Why you should stand in the Leadership Race
Leadership Race Logo

Not sure if getting paid to represent your peers is for you? Read about all the things you can gain as an Elected Officer

A newbie on the block...
Image of Vice President Carter Fitzpatrick against a Union Green background

Who is this person running around shouting about they/them pronouns and making big deals out of little things? Well. Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

Guess Who's back in the House?

I'm a woman, on top of the world
She may look cute, but please don't call her a girl!

Who are your Elected Officers for 2020/21?
An image displaying Connor, Anthony, Carter and Tuesday - your Elected Officer Team for 2020-2021 -

Find out about the 4 students elected to represent your view at Staffordshire University this year.

We Need to Talk About Race…

"I was afraid to talk about race. I didn’t feel like it was something that involved me, especially once I was actively aware of my position of privilege as a white person"

What is 'White Privilege?

Elected Officer Connor Bayliss explores 'What is 'White Privilege'?


We show solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter cause and those people exercising their right to peacefully protest against injustices around the world.

What are Representative Networks?
the LGBT+ Network standing in front of a pride flag

These are groups specifically designed to help represent students of various backgrounds and identities.

What Happened at your #BetterStaffs

Find out what was discussed at our latest Better Staffs Forum with big ideas about 'Toilet Twinning', 'Officer Visibility' and a 'Campus Parent Room'

I need support with my mental health and wellbeing

Find out about the services on offer and get support

SMART for Sustainability

We’re always working to reduce our impact on the planet from the Students’ Union. Here's how.

Incredibly Inspirational Mother

#FemPowerment blog by Dr Barbara Emadi-Coffin

Uni Recycling - what YOU said

Totally Rubbish or Bincredible? We asked students in Halls about on campus recycling!

Top 10 Wins of your Officer Team

Your Officer Team works hard to make change for you, and achieving 'wins', but what does that actually mean?

PANTS Campaign!

Giving pants to Brighter Futures!

There's #NoExcuse for Islamaphobia and hate crime at Staffs

Find out how you can be an #UPSTANDERnotbystander


#FemPowerment blog by Vice President Anaida Fernando

What’s stopping you?

#FemPowerment blog by Vice-Chancellor Liz Barnes CBE

I never set out to be a leader

#FemPowerment blog by Associate Dean Students in Creative Arts & Engineering

Being a Mum

For me, part of being female is being a mum.

Attitude change since #MeToo

It became a symbol that women everywhere were not alone and there is always someone there to support you.

Circuit Laundry. Time for a #BetterStaffs

Circuit has been an issue for students in accommodation for many years

Sustainable Christmas Gifts

We all love to give and receive thoughtful gifts, watching the reactions of loved ones as they open them on Christmas Day. This year, why not give an even more thoughtful gift, something they can keep forever, an experience they will never forget or something that will encourage them to be more eco-conscious.

The #BetterStaffs Action Plan | October 2019
The Union logo and #ProudToBeStaffs

You told us your ideas, we listened. Read the next steps.

Lecturers who are #ProudToBeBlack

Because we believe it's important to see yourself represented in Higher Education.

Top tips for LGBT+ students coming to Staffs!

We asked students who identify as LGBT+ to tell us a bit about how they settled into Uni.

#ProudToBeBlack in Biology

Black Staffs students and alumni from the Biology Department share their achievements

Can we REALLY achieve Climate Change targets?

Find out how you can help as part of our #SustainableUnion!

British Sign Language Tutorials

We've created some tutorials to teach you some basic British Sign Language

How to format an article on the Students' Union website
Content guide how to write articles, image of person pointing in a direction

Follow this guide to create engaging and accessible written content for students